Women Day 8th march


Women Day 8th march

Women Day 8th march


Woman - The word is a complete sentence itself which is drenched in concoction of emotions. They gave birth to humankind but still feel proud to follow the 'man of their lives' without a hiccup for eternity.

Today's women are competent and dauntless, who fear nothing. In fact, they abandon a lot of luxuries and make adjustments for the sake of their loved ones. Though a single day cannot measure their countless love and care, but spending some quality moments together is all what they desire.

So, let's dedicate 24 hours to 'Your Woman' and unveil a new perspective to the happiness and respect she deserves. You will find below some (not all obviously; Be creative) of the ways to make her feel cherished -

Unsolicited gifts + Text

The happiness of unwrapping an unexpected present from your man weighs much more than any other expensive gift. Add a cute and romantic message to these presents and watch the magic it spreads. With a big cheerful smile and the joyous eyes, they open-up your presents as well as their hearts for 'You'.

Supporting her activities

Be it a hobby or a stubborn will to try out something new - Ensure that you support her in every activity, where ever possible. From enrolling in salsa classes to evening cooking sessions, these little moments help to strengthen a relationship.  They are like a token of love - Give love, earn love.

Household chores

A good partner is the one who does not step out in any circumstance. Simple household chores like folding clothes or washing bowls not only fastens her tasks but also, effectively produces a love look into the twinkling eyes. This is the best and easiest way to unlock the door of respect.

Favorite flowers

A bouquet of blue incarnations, or yellow marigolds, or red roses are sufficient to straightaway sweep into her heart. Flowers are known for centuries to evoke the sleeping feelings. Their slow fragrance imparts a fresh look to the monotonous and bare lives too.

Public Affection

'Every time I look into your eyes, I drown deepor 'You mean the world to me' - The lines maybe cheesy but embracing her in public is a simple hack to generate the spark. These little compliments act as a proof that you are extremely proud to have her in life. Therefore, the trends like twining the same outfit or accessories with the hashtag couple goals wins the internet.

Dinner date

A fanciful date with a perfect decor and exquisite food/drinks is every girl's dream. Plan a romantic dinner date in NCR/Delhi with party ponder and explore the finest dining restaurants or lounges as per your liking.

Just grab your phone - pick a place for dine-out - Book a table - And enjoy!

Wish you a happy women's day!