Resolutions to a productive start!


Resolutions to a productive start!

Resolutions to a productive start!

As we flip through the book of time - A brand new year crawls into our lives and Awaits for some of the most awe-inspiring decision that impact the way of living.

With the onset of a New Year, everybody seems buzzing about the traditional New Year resolutions. It is this time of the year when you have power and determination both to resolve your old-self. In other words, it is a practice to accomplish life goals with a fresh approach.

A successful Irish actor, Cyril Cusack has beautifully quoted, "If you ask me about a New Year resolution, it would be to find out Who I am". These resolutions may be realistic or unrealistic but they definitely help us to imply corrective actions for the personal growth.

However, a gruesome task is to stick to your resolution. It is not a cake walk to trace effective steps for fulfilling your resolution. Hence, few handy advices gives direction to the actions. Thus, leaving a benchmark for other future attempts.

Listed below are some of the sound tips that syncs perfectly to crack the unforeseen circumstances and triumph as a winner -    


As American writer Denis Waitley said, "Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitment they always keep."

Always make a self-promise to elevate the stairs of improvement for own sake. Summon-up effectual strategies for quitting toxic stuff - whether food, or a particular habit.

Forgive and forget

Those who can forgive and forget past are the ones who end-up getting blissful blessings.Holding onto past is like 'chaining yourself.' The art of forgiving sets an individual free and add a new lesson for life.

Hone mental skills

Eat healthy meals with regular meditation and exercises. It not only carves a perfect body shape but also sharpens your mental abilities, which in turn results in quicker decision-making and cheerful mood round the clock. So, activate your tedious life by a dedicated work regime.

Follow functions of management

Stick to the principles of Henry Fayol - Planning, Organizing, Directing, and Controlling to grab futuristic goals. If you plan and break goals into different tasks, it is fairly easy to identify loopholes.

Small incentives

Human beings are indeed greedy because of the insatiable demands that increase with the span of time. Therefore, a small incentive at each step acts as a motivation to step further.

So, now you must be straining your brain on what type of incentives serves your purpose?

Well, they can be different for every being. For instance, the meaning of enjoyment unfolds various aspects - Some introverts achieve the retrospection by driving alone to the journey of exploration. While, others cannot resist the temptation of meeting their close kin and friends. Their extrovert personality requires a social gathering attended by a group of lively spirits. And while we talk about throwing a party or a social event in Delhi/NCR - Party ponder can't skip a mention. Scroll through their site and book a table for any extravagant get together. What make them stand out are the party packages. From Queen's Exclusive Package to Group party package, you can lay hands on some of the awesome packages according to your specifications based on the food, decor or budget.