Stress Buster


Stress Buster

Stress Buster

Puffy eyes, tedious faces, and scruffy hair – This is somewhat the appearance of most of the freshmen and college students during their semester exams. From waking up at 5 AM to sleeping at 2 – They are totally drenched in the spirit to score well. Even the diets are disrupted and impede holistic development.

However, this often leads to various health problems like stress, twitchiness, fear, and other emotions start dangling in your happening life.

What adds to their anxiety are the bleak and frosty winds of mid-November and early December. 

Below are some of the reasons which denote how to puncture stress and enjoy the loving weather. 

Break the cycle

Eat – work – sleep – repeat. Every day is new but following the same regime is monotonous. It sucks the joy from your lives. However, a subtle change can help you break the chain and imparts a fresh perspective. 

The sage way –

Can you relate with the meditation our primeval Gurus (sage) used to perform to increase their concentration and powers?

Even today, this method is used for bursting perturbation and deviate disturbing thoughts from you. 

So, next time you feel gloomy, close your eyes and relax!


Enroll in your favourite pastime – 

Music is like wings that give flight to your dreams. It acts as a soulful medicine to different kinds of hitches. If music works the same magic for you, then plug in your headphones, maximize the volume and a wide smile will overtake all the problems. While Dance serves the same purpose for other people. Wear your comfy dance shoes and groove on the beats!

Talk it out – 

A familiar voice with some kind words can heal even the darkest wounds. Any kind of stress can burn out by talking about it with a friend. Simple words like, “Its gonna be fine” acts as a bridge between injuries and medicines.

Munch, Munch – 

A balanced diet is the best way to tame your uncontrolled emotions.

Healthy foods like oatmeal and tuna increase the activity of serotonin – A calming chemical and reduce cortisol as well as adrenaline which leads to stress. 

Sip In tea – 

When its exam season, numerous people turn to coffee as it keeps you awake. But, only a few know that coffee contains caffeine cause imbalance in hormones and also blood pressure. 

So, what’s the alternative?

Green tea is enriched in anti-oxidants which calms the nervous system.

Laugh like a drain – 

Do you know that laughing releases a hormone named endorphins that turns in a happy mood? 

Laugh heartedly at all your worries and half of the mystery is solved.

Proper Rest

Steal moments to take a peaceful nap. Merely, 2-3 hours of sleep is insufficient for a human body and mind. Therefore, ensure proper rest and a soulful encounter with sleep.


You may be wondering how to manage time when you are already running out of it?

Squeeze a minute from your study regime and take a brisk walk into the fresh air. A whiff of serene air is sufficient to grab a fine mood.

Last and the foremost – 

Plan a PARTY!

The above reasons require you to invest time and effort in reducing stress and anxiety. But, an instant way is to party.

Even the lazy sloths can enjoy without much pre-plans. All you need is an internet connection and an operating system. Curl up in your cozy blanket and tap a few times on your 17-inch laptop screen. 

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So, beauties and hunks – get into your dancing shoes and keep calm, enjoy as soon as your exams say goodbye!