December Delight


December Delight

December Delight

The chilly breeze, numbed feet, shivering hands, and a chase for a warm room or a cozy blanket are all signals that tells us to embrace the seasonal change.  The dead of winters forces you to stay indoors and sip-in some hot coffee.

With a warm heart and cold hands – We welcome December. There are a myriad of reasons why the month of December is often called December Delight.

If you’re from a convent school/college, then you’ve a whole new set of reason’s to go eccentric during this last month because of a grandeur Christmas celebration.

Let’s go through it with our lens –

Christmas Eve

HO HO HO, Santa Claus is coming to town!

A top-notch reason for valuing December is that world’s most lovable and splendid celebration falls under this frosty weather. The melodious christmas carols, red santa caps, decorated pine trees, hot chocolate cake, jostling streets with fairy lights are all that are synonymous to the word ‘Christmas.’

Season’s Greetings

6-5-4-3-2-1 – Yeah, New year countdown begins before we get over to the Christmas party hangover. Another celebratory event for the season!

Holiday Cheer

This joy of holidays are echoed along every place. The snow-capped mountains sends the message of ‘cozying up in the comforters and sun bathe’

A solo trip or a family trip – people swarm to head-on for witnessing the beguiling snowfall.

Nicely bundled-up

With year’s most awaited events happening all around – Folks are seen nicely bundled-up in their best outfits. The glitzy evening gowns are paired up with warm accessories like fur caps, leather long boots and trendy sweatshirts, that adds up to the grace.


A call for a friends reunion!

It’s the best time of the year to plan a happy reunion – An occasion that redefines your bonds and provides you a privilege of revisiting the memory lane.

Hop onto some chic restrobars and lounges for a ‘Not-so-ordinary’ fun.

Hot meals

Devour upon the hot and sumptuous meals such as soups, coffee, hot choco lava, puddings and others.

Secret Santa

Express your love for your friends and family by being their ‘Secret Santa.’ Surprise them with a perfect surprise party without incessant party arrangements. Follow few simple steps and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Take a deep breadth and forget about all the chaotic decisions. Don’t ponder your mind too much here and there for ‘Party scenes’ and log into

Yes, it is a virtual platform that solve all your worries and allow you to select from exquisite hangout places as per the occasion. Whether you’re looking for holiday cocktails or Thanksgiving pies – All you need to do is Get-Set and Click!

What adds more to this party fever is the three popular party packages, i.e

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All you folks out there – Soak in your soul to the festive beats with the mind boggling party game on!