The subtle art of Happiness


The subtle art of Happiness

The subtle art of Happiness

We, humans, have the propensity to desire for more and more. Every person – rich or stone-broke, wants to satisfy their desires and failing to do so leads to unhappiness.

Do you know, that research ascertained this as one of the core reasons which leads to anxiety and distress in the lives. However, if you change your attitude then there is a pool of opportunities that can help you elevate the stairs of success.

Life is unpredictable and that is the essence of it – The flavour to experience and adventure something new each day brings out a keen sense of happiness and curiosity in you.

The world of corporate life is bleak, and the dreary regime sucks out the fun from us.

So, folks, we have sorted out some ways in which you can awake the party animal in you!

Let’s get started –

Perceive your mood

The foremost thing is to interpret your mood - you want to join your crazy squad or wish to go solo. Accordingly, decide the party venue.  

Live Music

Many a time, all we want is to engage in something that pleases and soothes the mind. Music is the soul of any party, and when it's live music - you can go nuts!

Have a whale of a time with the best DJ's and Dancing swag.


Be it a social get together or a friend’s night out - Interesting games in any party takes you to an all-new level. When with the right people, winning and losing doesn't matter. #livethemoment


Gone are the days when parties were only restricted to a few common ones. Today, you can play with unique themes to switch from a gloomy mood to an adventurous one. Halloween party, cocktail party and 90's theme parties are lionized the most.

Happy hours

A partying mood and that too at the end of the month is an obnoxious combo. However, happy hours can actually twist this around. So, next time you run into such a situation just grab a couple of happy hours.

 A good party vibe arises when you are surrounded by a perfect bunch of friends, along with an ideal décor. Searching for 'your' kind of place is a tedious process, and therefore, having an extending hand in such a scenario is like frosting on the cake. Party ponder - eases out this hassle and imparts you a virtual platform to navigate through all the amazing eateries in NCR and Delhi. Scroll and select your favorite place andTadaa Enjoy!

So, guys and girls, step out from your shells and explore the BE-U-TI-FUL life by being You.

#Party toh banti hai!!