Kitty Party


Kitty Party

Kitty Party

In a busy corporate life, where everything is moving at a fast pace, it is strenuous to organize a kitty party all by yourself.

Gone are the days when kitty parties were meant just to gather together in one place and have ‘gossip with snacks.’ It’s 21st century now and women have come a long way- be it being financially independent or liberal, they know how to ‘seize the day.’  And why just women, this empowered age is experiencing men and entire families participating in novel versions of the traditional ‘kitty party’.

Nowadays, Kitty parties are strikingly lavish, and women feel proud to host one too. But the question arises, where to find a place- that is an extravaganza of fine food, aesthetic décor and lively experience.

What follows is a conversation between two women of ‘Silver Castle’ society in Gurgaon.

Mrs Sharma looked quite miserable in the society meeting-

Mrs Kaurasked, “What the matter Bhabhi?”  

Mrs Sharma- I’m worried where to host a fun-filled kitty party within my budget.

Mrs Kaur- Don’t tell me, you’ve never heard about party ponder ?

Mrs Sharma– Yes, I’ve heard about it, in fact, my son loves that place, he always hangs out there and says, “Mumma I’m chilling at party ponder!”. But, I’m not sure whether they host kitty parties or not.

Mrs Kaur- Party ponders situates in Cyber Hub and Gurugram sector 29, it is an ideal kitty venue, where you can have amazing food and culinary delights. What’s more interesting is that they have three exceptional packages, and you can choose according to your occasion.

For instance, Queen Exclusive Pack’ is specially reserved for women, you get exclusive discounts onsundry cocktails. The second one is ‘Book a table pack,’ where you can have a fine dine and precious time. The third one is a ‘Group Party Package,’ which is perfect for kitty parties as you can have your ‘gala time’ with huge savings (they allow you to distribute the total amount and pay altogether).

Mrs Sharma- OMG! I can’t wait for the kitty party, let’s catch up there.

Mrs Kaur- Yes, sure. By the way, you can also book online in advance, through their website- to prevent any hassle. I’m excited too!

So, if you’re straining yourself too, just like Mrs Sharma about the kitty party venue, then pull yourself together and get ready to Rock and Roll!