Drink, Dance and Dine


Drink, Dance and Dine

Drink, Dance and Dine

Does breakup hurt the most? Ahh, NO!

It is the monotonous regime that often kills the gaiety in your life. What is the use of the weekend when you fail to manipulate life in a righteous way?

It’s time to think otherwise– If it’s weekend then you have the whole right to feel that this world is your oyster!

 A wise sage once said, “Follow the D3 routine to stay happy and calm.”

Wondering, what D3 is?

Wear your favorite dress – get into the party mood – And, Drink, Dance and Dine!


Are you the one who is peculiar about the palatial taste of mocktails and cocktails? And your friends never get over this exquisite trait of yours. Don’t let this habit ruin your weekend plans. Make the most of it by choosing an ideal hangout place.


“Pappu can’t can dance sala”. Certainly, an exuberant place brings out the party animal in you.

So, stop making excuses, wear your rocking mood, and get into your dancing shoes!



Chinese, Italian, or Indian – A fine dine is what we all look for while outing with close kin and friends.

A perfect party venue isn’ t just about DJ and cocktail, but the epic food quality too. However, for a fun-filled experience – Search as per preference or occasion and Book a table. Sounds ecstatic?


Expelliarmus Nodus –

Every die-hard fan of Harry Potter would relate to this common magical chant ‘Expelliarmus’ – ‘force out’

Life would not be distressful if we can use these magical chants in real life too, for shooing away all problems.

Well, to chant any spell you need a magical wand – Party ponder acts as a lifesaver by rendering you effectual services at the ease of a click. Just swirl your wand and say Accio Party ponder –Google www.partyponder.com and choose your favorite eatery at the comfort of relaxing. Few simple clicks and you’re off to go –

However, a brain-draining question arises when you are confused about where to party? Party ponder imparts a virtual platform to select from a far and wide variety of specular restaurants. You can choose as per your occasion and specifications.

Types of party packages rendered by Party ponder–

Group Party Package

Queen’s Exclusive Party

Book a Table

Visit the website www.partyponder.comfor more details and exciting stuff.