All about Party-sharty!


All about Party-sharty!

All about Party-sharty!

Party – A word that sucks in all your worries and let’s you put on your dancing shoes.

Whenever we are about to attend any party, the second most popular question that comes to your mind is that ‘how electrifying it is going to be,’ and the first one still remains – what am I going to wear? Deciding clothes is an arduous task that requires time and a lot of strategic thinking.

With the passage of time and technological advent, we’ve crossed extra milestones, to uplift our thinking too.

Gone are the days when women werestereotyped as ‘AblaNari’ – Today’s women are vivacious and audacious.

The moment you get invites for a Night Party – we begin thinking about glitzy and enticingattires. And your heart suggests something bold yet classy. As you know – Heart is on the left but is always right.

There are myriad of attributes that influence the decision to choose your ‘Party Attire’ From themed parties (Hawaiian, Pool, Halloween, Masquerade, Christmas) to the time of the party, all these contribute as a deciding factor.

What follows below are the type of parties and the follow-up dressing style for them –

Masquerade Party

A masquerade party is one of the most enthralling parties. A corset or an A-line gown adds up to your elegant look. If you are going to attend one, then make sure to complement your dress with the mask you opt for. It can be color-coordinated or contrast – Totally depends on YOU!

Cocktail Party

From A-line dresses to pantsuits or trousers – you can go for a contemporary look for a cocktail party. These parties can be formal and informal both, therefore, choose something that suits the occasion.

Don’t forget to carry your favourite pouch and stilettos!

Pool Party

Go for something that is chic and modish. You can wear a floral one-piece or shorts paired with tank tops. Bohemian maxis also add to your bold yet classy look.  Pair up your dress with flats or platform heels and minimal makeup and accessories.

Groove into the jazz beats along the serene ambience of water.

Now that you are all set to rock any look, the other core factor to look into is where to find a perfect party location where you can socialize, dance, dine, drink or even flirt.

Well, you can have a whale of a timeat any party if it is organised well. Party ponder is an online platform for planning a funky and cool party. It allows you to choose over a plethora of options.

If you own exuberant clubs and wants to flaunt it too, then you can contact them through their website –