Why people love their sons more than their daughters?


Why people love their sons more than their daughters?

Why people love their sons more than their daughters?

It is unfortunate but true. Most of the Indian parents want to have son rather than daughters. We can say it a social phenomena or our culture because we give more importance to a son rather than a daughter. Whatever will be the reason behind it, but only because of this reason daughters have to suffer a lot. Even when you are brighter student comparing to your brother then also you have to help your mother in house chores. Being a girl you need to learn how to do pooja, how to cook, and how to do other household chores. Girls need to look more decent, beautiful and shy. They need to learn extra etiquettes just to make sure that they will be going to some other house after their marriage.

Lets discuss the main reasons that why Indian parents love their sons more than their daughters.

Daughters are considered as burden –marrying them and sending them to another house is a burden, because for that you have to pay money as dowry and that dowry is definitely a burden for parents.

Nowadays you hear various news of rapes, murders or acid attacks on girls.  So parents feel a burden to protect their daughters. Because they feel that if their son is out from the home till 12 PM, it’s totally cool. But if your daughter is out for 12 pm, it’s not bearable.

Indian people tend to believe that their sons will provide economic support to them at the time of their need. Though nowadays daughters are also providing economical support to their parents, but we can’t change generalized thinking of the people.

Continuing the family name and tasks of doing karma has always been on the shoulders of the son. As son bears father’s name in his whole life, but in daughters matter, they are considered as someone else’s asset.  Because daughter's get married and go to someone else house but son's stay in their house



As parents we should not differentiate between our children. But if we want to make our daughters equal to our sons then we need to take care of certain things. Like:

Let your daughters play – it will help them in increasing their confidence level. Just encourage her to achieve her passions.

Let them take their own decisions- if we want to give our daughters equality, then we must honor her decisions. If she is taking independent decisions, then she will feel more motivated.

Let her struggle to achieve her dreams. Don’t wind her in any type of limitations.

Let her bear her father’s name for the whole life- only then discrimination among son and daughters will be reduced.