The times, they are a-changin


The times, they are a-changin

The times, they are a-changin

“The times, they are a-changin”,sang Bob Dylan in his well-known voice on his identifiable acoustic guitar. He sang and it resonated with all of us. The body felt electric while listening to it.

a-changinThus, we shouldn’t be like another Brick in the wall and change our ways to party with changing times.

We should party, as the party animals do. And, if you want to ask – how? Where? Let me drop a secret hallelujah in your blessed ears – We have the answer to all your queries, thee child.

I ask you to stay with me and then take on my role to preach some another seeker. Will Ya?

So, the way we used to party – go to a night club, struggle for entry, suffer some slaps as stag – then take your car, with your boys and bicker about the singlehood and the issues it lets us face. Sounds relatable, Ehh?

The moment of knowledge has now come that I shed out the newly found knowledge on how to have a great time without prying heavily on your pockets.

Be attentive! For, what I am about to tell you will open new gates to the animal, party-animal in you. You can now book a place for a group party with your friends and share the bill, from Plan your good times with Party ponder and save yourself the hassled efforts and embarrassment of clubbing as stag. Party ponder allows you to search through various places and eateries in your area and select the best-suited place for you and your boys.

Now, the Saturday nights won’t be as lousy, as struggling and as hanged around as before. Party ponder is the one-stop solution to all our needs of a “Good time”. In a phrase,“Party ponder is our Key to Good times”.

Now, that you have been imparted with the secret to explore, guide others too. Let us light the world by lighting one bulb. I, on one hand, have successfully embraced my duty as a dude and you should also carry on the light, son.

We hope you would not want to disappoint, the real Dude – Barney Stinson and will preach others about the Party ponder.

After all, what is life if not spent in the service of mankind and having a good time in the process?

Ask yourself this, and browse for after doing such a hard work of preaching, you need to relax, and you know where to find that?

*Wink, Wink*