The Millennial life!


The Millennial life!

The Millennial life!

Let's pretend it is the early 2000s- a world so different from today, but still one of the best of its time. It seems as if we evolved into a whole new world with a mandatory internet connection, online streaming of media and virtual society. Today, we have most of the facilities but don't have what's the most substantial, i.e., time. Lives were lesser complicated and full of happy memories. However, technology has led us to a simpler way of living but the ‘fun part’ is getting lost somewhere. Let me take you back in time, where people used to make up each and every moment count!

So, now the questions arise, who are millennials? Where do they come from? And a lot more. Millennials, or generation Y- are people born between the late 80s to early 2000s. Yes, they are the lucky people who experienced what it feels like to work with fax machinesMacintosh computers and read Harry Potter novels. Remember tapping thrice just to type letter 'c' on your keypad phones? Well, it still draws a wide smile on your face., isn’t it? Millennials knew the art of living, the coming generation is all about better smartphones, more hearts on Insta pictures and maximum views on Tiktok and Snapchat. If you are a millennial too, then you will relate to this memory lane!

1. Songs like "Purani Jeans", "Kya soorat hai", "Tunak Tunak" and "Brazil", still forces you to groove on their beats. It was an era of Album Songs, where teenagers, young adults used to go and buy cassettes from their favorite store.

2. You can't skip the popular sitcoms while revisiting the nostalgic lane. From Malgudi Days to office-office, these shows targeted all ages- kids, teenagers, seniors, no one could escape these influential drama serials. Shaktimaan and Spiderman are superheroes for millennials, just like Marvel heroes for current-gen.

For Hollywood lovers, we have F.R.I.E.N.D.SGrey's AnatomyMiley CyrusThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody and all the other Disney shows.

3. Most of the college romantic tales flourished in the Libraries, which is a long-lost name now. In the kindle world, libraries are replaced by virtual reading platform via laptops, phones, tablets.

4. Fighting for T.V remote with your siblings is rarely seen nowadays because we stream online and are quite self-absorbed.

Technological advancements are meant to make our lives easier and happy, not mechanical. We are humans and we deserve to live up to the potential. Where is the time when you listened to music through MTV and not by plug-in headphones? We cannot bring back the same era but still got time to replenish life with enduring moments. Why video call friends and family living in the same city when you can actually meet and greet them in person? No, worries about finding the perfect place because we’ve already found one for you, ‘Partyponder'. It offers amazing food and drinks, along with striking discounts.

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