Queen Exclusive Party in Gurgaon


Queen Exclusive Party in Gurgaon

Queen Exclusive Party in Gurgaon

Why are we scared of being left alone? The fear to fall restrains us from enjoying the joyful days of youth. Today, you will get to learn about a girl who outdoes her fears and imperfections with the support of her group of friends.

Urwi, a software engineer by profession had a mundane routine. But the only thing which distinguishes her from the rest of us, is her epic squad, just like the one you saw in the popular comedy sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Let’s get a little more into her story:

Dear diary,

Like every other day, today is no different, from being late, to the work pressure, nothing’s on the right track. But the interesting part is the blind date, for which I’ve been waiting since like forever. My friends say, ‘you are mad’, ‘nobody can tolerate you like we do,’ and I laughed at them all. It was finally time to meet the ‘masked guy’.

So, we were discussing where to meet for this everlasting moment, and he suggested a restaurant. All was going as planned, until he got mad at the waiter for spilling wine on his branded denim. I was furious to see the two-faced man, and what worse is that he just LEFT, yeah exactly, who does that?

It was so awkward that for a moment I felt like crying over this blunder. Hey, wait, before you form any opinion, this was my first blind date and literally knew nothing about the same. I was frozen after he left, did not know how to tackle the whole situation and sat there with my head down. What happened next will awe you, I opened my eyes and saw my girl squad sitting behind me. Tears percolated down my cheeks and I HUGGED all of them. This moment is extremely special and close to my heart. They hold my hand and took me to party ponder to lighten up my mood. I asked about how they got to know about everything. They said, “we somewhat had an idea of how nasty these blind dates can be, so we booked a Queen Exclusive Party Package from Party Ponder in advance and that’s’ how we landed there.” We guys danced, talked, laughed and had the most ineffaceable evening. All credit goes to party ponders for such an awesome night and a fun-filled experience (we also got special discounts on the finest drinks, wuhu!) and of course to my friends. You can avail the benefits of other packs too, like the Group Party Package and the Book your Table package because Party Ponder fit in to every celebration, be it fine dining, or a group party, you are going to heart it.