Filmy Weekends


Filmy Weekends

Filmy Weekends

Have you heard the famous saying “All that glitters is not gold”? With the advent of time, this saying is rephrased as “All that glitters is not gold”. The times are changing, and the glitzy social world is impacting ‘our world.’

We all are inspired by Bollywood – Be it via their attires, dialogues, or storyline. They manage to influence common folks, especially the youngsters. It’s more than a decade and we are still addicted to the party song“It’s the time to Disco”

These movies portray a lavish style of partying, which immediately increases the level of serotonin in the human body. Hence, switching your mood to instant happiness.

Are you missing the weekend already? Bring on the party spirit and have a whale of time!

Here are five reasons how you can turn scrunchy faces into jovial by adopting party tactics from Bollywood movies

Wear your confidence

A strategic approach to enhance your confidence is by attending social gatherings. Even a shy person looks lucrative when walk and talk vivaciously.

Wear your confidence and seize the day.

A power-packed music

Every party is a success with classy and contemporary music. Dim lights, rollicking songs, and pretty faces are all you need to groove on the party melodies. Step-on the dance floor and do chiggy-wiggy.

Break the Ice

Got no one to hover with you at the party? Life isn’t fair to anyone, so, laugh it all.

No worries find other solo-goers and break the ice. This is a great chance to come out of your shell and make new relationships. Compliment each other and a little flirting won’t hurt either!

Chillout scenes

Enter with your crazy squad and eat, drink, and dance. Capture the memories and SMILE like there’s no tomorrow.

Live in the moment

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We often drain-out precious moments by thinking about the future. However, the key to joy lies in ‘living in the current moment.’

Go easy on your pocket –

Party is fun but when you run out of funds, then the will to party also dies. What if you are enlightened with a perfect solution?

Hola! We’ve found one for you.

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