Celebrate Holi 2018 - The Festival of Colors


Celebrate Holi 2018 - The Festival of Colors

Celebrate Holi 2018 - The Festival of Colors

Event Planning for Holi Celebration:

Holi, the popular Hindu spring festival, is one of India's most important holidays. The celebration marks the triumph of the spring season over winter and also good over evil.

That long awaited time of the year is back for Indians when they celebrate the festival of colors, Holi. The festivities are a symbol of the triumph of good over evil.

Party planners professionals who are specialists in event planning. Their cause may appear to be insignificant to a few yet you can keep in mind what they can do to make your festival a fun and huge affair.


What we can offer:

Somehow holi is not played at home with just people, the more the better. Holi venue could be decided as a place when many people come to one place and then they have all the fun.

Invitation Card:

Jot down the guest list and just shoot the invitations through SMS, Email or even the paper made invitation for Holi.

Best Music:

Holi party is incomplete without music! You can fix up a DJ or arrange a dance floor. We can arrange an artist also as per your choice.

 Food Menu:

Consider who is visiting, do consider their choice while preparing for the food menu. If you are having a very large gathering you can even get someone to cook for your event. But asking your guests in advance for their choice of food would make them feel special and engaged.

Holi Colors:

There are many options but avoid the hard paints to keep things simple and the event memorable. There are also herbal holi colors available that can be used and that can also be removed easily after the event is over. Remember, it’s not about how long the paint lasts on someone that makes it a perfect holi BUT its how easy for your guests.


What’s more special about the event is the venue should be well decorated, you can get a lot of stuff to decorate your space with:

·         Balloons

·         Flags

·         Colorful Plates

·         Table Covers

·         Colorful Chairs

·         Dining Items