Are you afraid to get out of your comfort zone and party hard?


Are you afraid to get out of your comfort zone and party hard?

Are you afraid to get out of your comfort zone and party hard?

Are you afraid to get out of your comfort zone and party hard? People around you emanate a ruckus filled calm. Whatever it is, it calls for a “You” time. We owe this “You” time to our entire generation, don’t we? We at have got you covered and prepared to treat you with best of times at exotic places with sumptuous meals to feast upon while gulping down your throat the finest of scotches or vodkas or whatever you feel like having.

If you are in Gurgaon, a city filled with fast-paced corporates crawling up the sleeves of the city with hustling-bustling busy millennials, you must rush to fetch a good time whenever you can. Party ponders promise to offer you a good time – whether you have got company, or you are solo. In Cyber-hub and sector-29 of Gurgaon – the havens of good time, we offer our services in these spaces.

Party ponder offer you party-packages where you can come in groups and pay in groups and have extreme adrenaline filled hours, or you can book a table for your group and have good food and good wine, or if you are looking for an all-girls gang for the night and your squad has went missing out then find and mingle with new peeps and form a brand new squad.

There are three packages that we offer exclusively – first one being Group party package, which you can join with your squad or alone and then pay for the whole in group. You’ll get new friends too, Duh! Second is book a table – the elegant and fine way to dine out with good wine and in good company. Third is exclusively reserved for ladies – where they can join in a group, make new friends and rant about the inherent social structures, while having shots and what not – the Queen Exclusive Party. Afterall, ladies! Why can’t you rant about the ingenuine issues ingrained in the bottomless pit of society and culture? Break the boundaries of created fences and delve into a feel-good “You” time. Each of the packages are curated to fill the void that is created. Every package is aimed at the individual’s self-exploration of having a good time.


So, don’t wait and visit the website of and succour through the alleys of taste and smelling sumptuous meals to find that perfect place for your kind-of evening and then leave all your worries with the final click at our website – where you make the booking of table or join a group party or the ladies being the queen and partying.

In a city where all is bustling outwards, a few moments of calm filled peace or high pumped adrenaline rush – whatever gets you going, choose for the option and celebrate the core philosophy of establishment.